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Editing adds value: your words will make a more powerful first impression.

Whether your organization is a business, government, non-profit agency or an institution, it generates a continuous flow of words and messages: Policies and plans. Websites and promotional materials. Reports, manuals, brochures, forms and PowerPoint presentations.

That requires thousands of words, on paper and on screens.

Those words should always be your very best words.

You need to connect daily with multiple target audiences, using a range of communications to deliver information. Every message has to be concise and easily understood—or risk being ineffective.

Not paying close attention to details like readability, clarity, sentence structure, grammar and typos can affect public perceptions—and even impact your organization’s credibility, reputation and brand.

Blacklok Consulting applies a fresh, objective and highly experienced eye to all your written and online content. Blacklok offers clients a unique point-of difference: reviewing and polishing your words to optimize their impact and the ability of your readers to easily absorb meaning, while also factoring in communications strategy, tactics, tools and outcomes.

From small projects such as brochures and media releases, to major ones like business plans, websites, annual reports and operations manuals, Blacklok can help you engage your audience with professionally edited words and messages.

Your words say a lot about your organization. Blacklok works to ensure they’re great words.

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Here’s how Blacklok’s editing and proofreading services provide value:

delivers clear, concise messaging

You’re optimizing communication when readers aren’t distracted by typos, weak word choices or poor sentence structure. They’ll always notice.

Good editing identifies and corrects points in your text that can hinder the ability of readers to receive information or fully understand your message. Your improved document is stronger and more effective.

Adds skills you don’t have

Most small-to-medium-sized organizations—municipal governments, public agencies, businesses, local non-profits and charities—simply don’t have any in-house editorial expertise.

Sure, your talented subject-matter experts know their stuff. What they lack is an editor’s professional judgement, experience and skill in reviewing and polishing your critical documents and website content.

It’s wiser to entrust your annual report, operations manual or homepage to someone that really knows their way around words and communication.

supports your goals

An editor/proofreader ensures that your written and online content is accurately and consistently presented—via all of your current communications tools—to your target audiences.

Improving the quality of your communications—external and internal—directly supports your organization’s strategic and business goals and adds significant value.

safeguards your reputation

In today’s hyper-sensitive, speed-of-light communications environment, a single awkward typo or inept phrase can trigger a social media meltdown and tip you into damage control mode. Eliminating gremlins in your text through sensitive editing—followed by meticulous proofreading—helps protect your organization’s hard-earned reputation and credibility.

Well-crafted, clearly presented messages and information will go a long way toward building positive perceptions among your readers and website visitors.

saves you time and resources

Using the services of a professional editor and proofreader is a very cost-effective move. First, it removes your own subject-matter experts from the challenge of reviewing and amending their own words, or those of their colleagues. Outsourcing that detail-oriented task to a highly skilled wordsmith lets your staff focus on the work they do best.

Second, it’s good internal resource management that frees your in-house experts to write rather than edit, thereby achieving overall gains in both your content quantity and quality.

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Words are a form of action, capable of influencing change. Their articulation represents a complete, lived experience.
— ingrid bendis, writer and teacher


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